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Artist: Potter

After dabbling in art of some sort for most of my younger life, I now find myself a ceramic artist.  I have been playing in the clay for about 20 years. 

My work crosses the lines between functional and fun.  Some pieces are hand built, some are thrown on the wheel, and some are a combination of the two. All are “one of a kind” originals made by me here in Austin, Texas.

My functional dishes are primarily things that I would like to have in my own kitchen or for entertaining.

Motivated by my love of flowers, my version of Ikebanas and Tube Vases were designed to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors to the inside, without taking up too much space.  I let my imagination run wild when designing them.

 I am a member of the “Arts at the Y” artist cooperative group and Greater Austin Clay Artists (GACA).  I make my creations at Fireseed Clay Arts studio on Thornton Road in Austin, with 25-30 of my fellow Clay Artists.

You can find my most recent work here:

Instagram page for Mindy Crowe



Artist: Potter

I’m Becky Murphy and I graduated from U.T. Austin with a degree in Art History.  During this period I was introduced to many genres and styles of Art. 

I got into Pottery in 1994 and I started out making functional pottery, but it left me feeling cold. 

Then a friend taught me how to hand-build using slabs of clay.  With this technique I pulled from the many different styles I learned about many years before and came up with the “Segovia Family of Pots”.  Then another close friend introduced me to the wonderful world of succulents—OMG!  What a gift!  It was like they were made for each other! 

These days you can generally find me in my studio creating pots or in my greenhouse planting the pots with a variety of different succulents. 

The only functional art I make these days is something that makes me and hopefully you, HAPPY !


You can find my most recent work here:

 Instagram page for Becky Murphy Clark



Artist: Painter. Potter

I am asked to create a bio so many times, and I decided to change it up.

Here are some random tidbits about me instead.

 Warning, some may be completely false, true, or a version of both.

* I have been creating since a very young child

* Afraid of heights

* Raised two boys.  Now have four grandchildren

* Grew up in the Texas Panhandle

* I married the first man who would put up with my drama

* I write short stories & limericks

* I am a painter

* I am a Daddy's girl

* I love adventure

* I always say "no" first

* Kill all plants

* I sell ceramic flowers on ETSY

* I like my dogs more than most people

* Ambidextrous

* Math nerd & creative soul

* Messy & organized

* Unwaveringly loyal

* Have quit 14 different jobs

*I have moved 13 times in the great state of Texas

* My first car was a red Toyota Celica with a crank sunroof

Life is too short to take yourself so seriously...

You can find all my work here:

BartonsCreations ETSY shop

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